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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I as a customer when completing a reservation agree to the following:


1. My reservation is subject to a cancellation policy that is as follows:

For RV and Group Campsite: 30 day notice: no charge; 29-10 day notice: 50% charge of full booking fees; under 10 day: Full charge of reservation with card held on file


For Recreational Vehicle/toy rental: 5 days or greater notice: No charge; Under 5 days including "No shows"will create a 100% charge on rental with card held on file.


A notice of cancellation must be via email at or direct contact via phone at location. Text messages nor voicemails are allowed for cancellation notices.


2. WEATHER POLICY:   I fully understand that cooler temperatures, mild wind, and overcast skis, even with a light rain do not constitute grounds for a valid cancellation.  We will do all we can to reschedule but if it is not possible, you will be responsible to honor your reservation.     Severe winds with rough waters and any evidence of lightening are the only grounds upon which a reservation will be waived with no financial responsibility.  


Epic Recreations management and employees are committed to rescheduling and dealing with unforseen situations.  We do expect our customers to honor their commitments and we will do all we can to make sometimes a difficult situation come out right for both parties.  Our goal is to have long term trusting relationships.    We thank you for your business and are always looking for better ways to bring value, safety and creative ways to recreation up at beautiful Bear Lake.  


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