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Welcome to Epic Recreation (435) 946-EPIC


201 N. Bear Lake Blvd Garden City, UT 84028. Full service land and pick up water rentals.
2176 S. Bear Lake Blvd Garden City, UT 84028; PRIVATE RESORT FOR OWNERS AND GUESTS. Full Service water rentals
2410 S. Bear Lake Blvd Rich County 84028. Full Service RV Park (12 improved sites) with large group campsite. Located right on the lake!!!
HWY 89 Fish Haven Idaho 83287. PRIVATE ACCESS FOR RESERVE OWNERS AND GUESTS. Full service water rentals
2140 S. Bear Lake Blvd, Rich County 84028. Full service water rentals located right on the lake.

Epic Recreation - Rentals in Bear Lake

Welcome to the Bear Lake Valley and EPIC Recreation. We as a company and a family are excited to have you enjoy what we have come to know as the best kept secret in Northern Utah for outdoor recreation and lodging. We have been exploring the mountains and enjoying this lake year round for over 50 years. We invite you to come and let us share with you some EPIC adventures. From staying at our large luxury cabins, the early morning ski’s on the Lake, to exploring these mountains on foot, snowmobile, and UTv’s, we are prepared to help you design and implement a vacation you will never forget. We currently rent a full fleet of recreational rental vehicles and toys at four locations on the west side of Bear Lake and operate a full service shop located in downtown Garden City at 200N. 160W.

Our goal is to provide the top of line equipment that is well maintained and cost effective. We love when our customers continually say: “You are going to rent me this boat?!?!. It’s too nice for a rental”. Two of our locations are for owners/guests of their respective resorts: Ideal Beach Resort (Garden City, UT) and The Reserve Beach (Fish Haven, ID). The other two are open to the public at the Epic RV Park and Beach located just south of Ideal Beach and our land based Adventure Center located right downtown just north of Merlins and Cafe Sabor at 201 N. Bear Lake Blvd.

We invite each of you to come let us plan your recreation at Bear Lake. We promise we will do all we can to provide great insight as to how to enjoy your time together with family and friends on a budget that is right for you. We also have some real cool stuff in our Adventure Center for sale. Come on by, grab a famous raspberry shake at one of the downtown Burger stops and walk on over and come let us explore with you what you can do up at Bear Lake.

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Ride the Wave
May 9th, 2015